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Our Philosophy

Our Values

We are a small privately held company driven by our passion to provide unequivocally exceptional services to our clients. Our employees and our customers are more important to us than revenues. We have the same ethics at work and after work. We strive to have the same level of mutual trust, respect and understanding with our customers and employees that we share with our friends and family.  We also donate 10% of our profits to charity.

How We Work

Considering that one of our founders is a Six Sigma Quality Black Belt, it is not surprising that we have a quality frenzy in our organization. We achieve quality because our processes have been designed from ground up keeping quality in mind. We achieve quality because we have implemented measurement systems that help us measure and improve the 'whats' and the 'hows'. Most importantly we achieve quality because we acknowledge we are not perfect, and we have multiple feedback mechanisms that help us continuously learn and improve the way we work.

We do have a blind faith - that investing in people will always pay off. So we invest. Without doing a cost benefit analysis. Without treating people as just resources. We invest so that our people can grow as individuals and as professionals.

Because of the years of technology experience between us, we have a strong faith in it. When harnessed correctly, technology has helped us reduce our costs and our customers' costs, while ensuring a higher quality of output. We frequently use new tools or create new ones in our lab. We love to do that. And we are excited that it helps.



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