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 Everyone searches the same way. So everyone finds the same talent.

 We don’t.

 8 of every 10 candidates we reached were never contacted by competing agencies. 



A ground up recruiting solution based on validated scientific research, industry best practices and a global workforce.

We, at Strivector, leverage our unique competence to find elusive talent for a select group of Fortune 500 companies and startups. In every recruiting and staffing services relationship that we enter, we go deep to ensure that we are one of the Top 2 partners for that customer. If you are hiring are looking to improve your candidate choice, we are confident we can help. Even if you are using agencies or an internal team already.




Work with the leading and fastest growing companies in the United States.

Our clients are growing so fast that they can’t hire good people fast enough to keep up with their growth. So, they look to us to help them with their hiring and contract staff requirements. Our clients include 2 of the Top 3 IT Consulting companies in the US and multiple direct clients ranging from mega corporations to VC backed stealth start-ups. 


Our goal is to provide superior services that increases quality and lowers customer costs by design.

This is what we focus on. This is what our organization is designed to achieve. Growth, we are confident, will happen as the byproduct. (That incidentally is the reason we chose to have vector in our name. Because we believe that the present is ephemeral and what matters more is where an organization is headed and how fast will it get there.)

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