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different by design

We created an inimitable blend of process, technology, and recruiting talent that allowed us to target the 70% of the talent pool that is not actively looking, and also the other 30% that is looking.  Having a Six Sigma Quality Black Belt as a founder sure helped!



STANDARDIZED INNOVATION – Strivector thrives on innovation. And not just our own innovation. We shamelessly copy industry best practices and ensure that every recruiter is empowered to use them using training, process and technology. For example, we have internally digitized follow-up best practices so that now every recruiter is automatically doing 3 follow ups with their candidates, which improves our response rates as a standard, and not as an exception.


BETTER FOCUS - We do deep searches to help our clients discover those elusive, hard to find candidates they are looking for. We do this by working on fewer positions than most recruiters do, and by employing some very unconventional methods of recruiting (apart from the conventional ones) to engage with a talent pool that other recruiters usually do not access. For example - a dedicated passive candidate sourcing team ensures that 35% of the candidates we submit are not actively looking.


WIDER REACH – Strivector searches wider and deeper to ensure a better choice of candidates. We reach out to more relevant candidates for each and every position than most of the competition. That is why so many of our candidates are passive (i.e. they are not on job boards and they are not actively looking)

SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING - An extremely successful job advertising strategy (based on facts like, most candidates apply for jobs on Monday!) increases our reach by upwards of 50%.



SCIENTIFIC SELECTION –  Years of documented and validated research have proven beyond doubt that work sample tests (e.g. asking a coder to write sample code), general mental ability (IQ and related tests), structured interviews (which are different from the more common unstructured interviews) and peer ratings have the highest validity of all selection/interview methods. Strivector provides a practical, low cost selection solution that integrates these techniques and helps organizations dramatically reduce hiring mistakes. We leverage a portfolio of leading technologies and validated selection technique to help organizations build a custom, effective selection process.

​STANDARDIZED TESTING – The Strivector testing solution allows clients to combine multiple testing methods (like GMA and integrity tests) and also add other custom/ off the shelf tests based on their requirements.  The most popular of these - GMA (General Mental Ability) is probably the single most effective predictor of future job performance.  A combination of structured interview, integrity tests, reference checks and job related tests with the GMA test is very potent and can improve the predictability of a new hire into the 65-67% range (compare this to the more common unstructured interview process which is as effective as a coin toss).

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